Eco event 

It is easy to think that being mindful about ecology can prevent the full accomplishment of an event. That organizing an event along the lines of sustainable development is more complicated and more expensive. Well it isn't! It is simply about finding good and alternative ideas to harm as little as possible our environment..and our wallets.

But what's an eco event?


An eco-event is a manifestation in which the goals are to diminish the negative impact it has on our environment. By being fully aware of the stakes in the sustainable development we can intergrate them within the though-process and organisation behind the event we create.

Choosing an eco-event is also a good opportunity to sensitize the participants. It allows all the stakeholders, such as the organizers, sponsors, guests and so on, a chance to open their minds and really take part in sustainable development and how we can make a difference to help protect our planet.


The very concept of an event is that it has to be "ephemeral".

So the realisation of an event means spending more resources and more time on something that is going to be a moment, this is thus making a deeper impact on our environment.

The mains stakes of an eco event evolve around diminishing our energy consumption, making available transports that are more fitted to the event, or a better management of the trashes.



So come and benefit from our tricks and tips to lower your impact on our environment while enjoying  a lovely time with your families, friends and, or, co-workers!  

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