Stress management

The business world is constantly moving, the employees and collaborators are often under growing stress. To preserve them and maintain their efficiency, why not treat them to a relaxing and self opening activity.

To do so, Dionysies event planner has selected unique relaxing activities for you.


Laughter therapy


Is an Indian philosophy institution, caracterized by the exploration of the human body powers to improve its well-being. It connects the body and mind by focusing on breathing to achieve mental and physical relaxation.

Yoga helps to reduce and/or avoid stress as well as bettering relationships between co-workers.

Sophrology is a set of techniques and methods studying human conscience. It helps the establishment of a balance between emotions, thoughts and behaviors, thus harmonizing the body and mind. Sophrology will allow you to manage your stress and improve both your life quality and self confidence.

Laughter therapy, is a self improvement method based on 5 steps :

positive psychology, playful sophrology, laughter yoga, meditation and emotional intelligence. It boosts communication, cohesion and cooperation within a team.

Duration : 1h30/2h or half day

From 8 to 15 persons

The goals : better apprehending stressful situations, physical well-being.

The benefits : team spirit, self confidence and improvement, concentration skills.

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