Les team building

This term was born in the beginning of the 80's in the United States to put in word the action of strengthening the 'teams' cohesion inside a company.

Through different activities, the co-workers gather to improve their capacity to work as a group. Indeed those animations outside the workplace help teammates to get to know each other better, work through conflicts or simply reinforce their general motivation.


Dionysies offers you a range of  team building events which may pair with your seminars, or activities that can animate your company parties.

You wish to bring comfort and serenity to your team workers, to give them the keys to overcome any challenges your company can face, choose a stress management team building ! What about reinforcing their team and competitive spirit ? Choose our 'so sport !' team buildings. Or simply come discover the 'Beaujolais' country through games and gastronomy with our 'typically Beaujolais' offer.

Feeling like living new unique experiences, we will organize activities that fits you and your team the best. You want a sportive and gastronomic day out, accomodate your team building around your objectives.

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