Typically Beaujolais

Dionysies takes you on the road to explore and discover 10 vintage wines from this unique region.


Together with wine-growing specialists, initiate yourself to the traditional wine production and get a chance to learn how each flavor develops

Les crus du beaujolais ... des villages à découvrir

Get ready to live a unique oenological experience through guided visit of the different wineries, discover the vineyards and their authentic products,


Weither you choose classical or quizz wine tasting, the 'beaujolais' won't have any more secrets for you or your collaborators.

Through other activities, you will learn to sharpen your five senses to discover wine with unique sensory experiences.

Duration : 1h30/ 2h or half-day


The goals : the discovery of the 'beaujolais' country, spending a convivial time between co-workers and valuing group communication.

The benefits : encouraging team cohesion, helping employees integration.

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